Wild Souls Lemonade
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"Making the most of life's lemons"

Wild Souls Lemonade is what you get when you bring together vision, talent, creativity, and love.


This company is co-owned and operated by 4 kids who have a drive for entrepreneurial adventures, creativity that never runs dry, a passion for horses, and a priority for giving back to the local Humboldt County community.



Wild Souls Lemonade Girls with Wild Souls Ranch Founder, Savanah McCarty

Our Roots

Our story starts with 4 young girls on a rural country road saving an ol' lemon tree.


Our Lemonade


Organic Lemon Juice, Water, and Organic Cane Sugar.

Made with Lots of love.



When you drink wild souls lemonade your taste buds will be delighted by sparkling goodness, and your heart will be filled with contentment knowing you are supporting kids who dare to dream big, and a horse ranch that helps "at-risk" youth find healing through horses.


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